Beware: men can spot infidelity

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  • Men are better at detecting infidelity, but often suspect unfairly

    Be on your guard ladies as new research suggests men are better at detecting infidelity than their female partners – but often suspect wives and girlfriends, even if they are faithful.

    Over 200 heterosexual couples were quizzed about their infidelities in confidential questionnaires and the results showed that although men are more likely to cheat on their partners – 29% admitted having at least one affair, compared with 18.5% of women – they were also more likely to detect infidelity.

    Women who suspect that their other halves have strayed are right 80% of the time, but men who smell a rat are 94% right to doubt their partners, so says an American study.

    Lead researcher Dr Paul Andrews commented on the findings and revealed: ‘We also found that men tended be honest about their affairs whereas women tended to under-report infidelities by about 10%.’

    He added: ‘Women are probably more reticent in disclosing information. They appear to be so much better at concealing their infidelity whereas men are better at detecting infidelity.’

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