Women stress-snacking affects health

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  • Womens' stress-snacking is affecting health

    Stress-snacking is jeopardizing the health of 15 million women in the UK, a new survey has revealed.

    Nearly half of women questioned admitted to over-eating when they felt stressed out and, alarmingly, 10% confessed to self-harming when stressed or lashing out physically at others.

    Across the board, most women revealed they only felt anxiety once or twice a week but 20% said they felt continuously stressed out.

    Although many women surveyed work long hours in pressurised jobs, the real stress hotspots were at home. Two thirds of women pinpointed family feuds, relationship issues and having children as the most stressful things in a woman’s life.

    Whilst women tend to overeat in tense situations, the survey showed men are more likely to turn to alcohol, with around a third admitting to drinking excessively when under pressure.

    Psychiatrist Donna Dawson commented on the findings saying: ‘There are a great many things in our lives which can stress us out, but ‘stress’ caused by other people is the most complicated kind, because it is difficult to deal with in a straightforward way.’

    Dawson added: ‘The positive way to deal with stress is to recognise what is ‘stressing us, try to talk about it and find a workable solution to it.’

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