Women’s waists grow by two inches in ten years

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  • Women's waists expand by two inches in ten years

    BRITISH WOMEN’S WAISTS have expanded by almost two inches in ten years, a new study has revealed.

    The analysis, carried out by Cancer Research UK using Department of Health figures, blames a lazy lifestyle and reliance on unhealthy snacks-on-the-run for the average female waist measurement blooming from 31.8in to 33.5in in ten years.

    After previous studies have shown that Britons are the fattest in Europe, the findings only add to concerns that many are facing a future blighted by disease caused by obesity.

    Dr Lesley Walker, of Cancer Research UK, told the Daily Mail: ‘We know high body weight increases the risk of a number of cancers and it is important we get this message out to as many people as possible.

    ‘A healthy diet with plenty of fibre, fruit and vegetables, as well as regular exercise can help people lose weight and reduce their risk of cancer.’

    But it isn’t just women who are battling the bulge – men’s bellies grew by 1.4in to an average of 38in.

    Yet, the analysis, published in the Journal of Obesity, found that the thin are staying thin – and the fat are getting fatter. And this trend for the heavy to get heavier, was particularly noticeable in the under 45’s.

    Lead researcher, Professor Jane Wardle, said it was likely young people led a less healthy lifestyle than their elders.

    ‘Snacking habits, takeaway meals high in fat and sedentary lifestyles where many people spend both work and leisure time sitting in front of a computer are all likely to contribute to the results.’

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