These are 4 of the best Pilates socks you can buy, all tested by team MC

No slipping or sliding over here.

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If you've made it a goal of yours to try a new Pilates workout this month, making sure you have the right equipment is an easy way to help you feel more confident for your first class, whether you're doing it at home or in a studio.

There are so many benefits to Pilates (it's quickly become one of my favourite workouts this year, personally), yet without the right equipment, you might find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed (not to mention slipping and sliding all over the place). 

Enter stage right, Pilates socks. Wondering what makes these socks different to normal socks? Well, the key is in the sole. Most Pilates socks will have non-slip soles with rubber grips, which means a better grasp of your mat or the Reformer during your workout. 

Here at Marie Claire UK, we've all been giving the trending workout a go, so we took it upon ourselves to book a group Reformer Pilates class and test out some of the most popular brands to see which socks were really worth investing in. We roped in our Health Editor, Ally Head, our Fashion Editor, Zoe Anastasiou, our News Editor, Jadie Troy-Pryde, and our Producer, Sofia Piza. Our Ecommerce Writer, Grace Lindsay, also tested the socks out while doing a Pilates class at home. 

If you want all the info about how we test the products that make it into our buying guides, make sure to check out our guide. For more Pilates inspiration, don't forget to check out our guides to Pilates for beginners, the best Pilates exercises, a spicy Pilates ab workout , plus the difference between Pilates and yoga.

What did we look for when testing the best Pilates socks?

  • Did they stop us from sliding around during our workout?
  • Were they comfortable to wear?
  • Were they sweat-wicking?
  • Was the material sustainable and longlasting? 
  • Were they affordable or an investment? 

Pilates socks: 4 of the best to buy now

Health Editor Ally Head and Ecommerce Writer Grace Lindsay testing the best Pilates socks

Health Editor Ally Head and Ecommerce Writer Grace Lindsay testing the best Pilates socks

(Image credit: Ally Head and Grace Lindsay)

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