The secret of flirting is to be open

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  • The secret of successful flirting? Be blatent

    The secret to flirting successfully is to simply let someone know you find them attractive, say scientists.

    It hardly sounds revelatory, but apparently the key to snagging a prospective partner is to just be upfront about it.

    Research has revealed that telling someone ‘I really like you’ is the most likely way to be triumphant in the dating game.

    Scientists found after using 230 men and women as volunteers for the study, that revealing your feelings through eye contact, smiling or merely voicing it  was more likely to prompt a reciprocated sentiment.

    The social study, conducted at the University of Aberdeen, proved that ‘social cues’ – making an effort to show a person how much you like them – are vital in achieving mutual attraction.

    Lead researcher and psychologist Dr Ben Jones commented: ‘Our latest research highlights how social cues, which signal the extent to which others are attracted to you, also play a crucial role in attraction.’

    He added: ‘What we found was that the preference for the attractive face was much stronger when people were judging those faces that were looking at them and smiling.’

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