Sunbathing can slow ageing by five years

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  • New study shows sunbathing can slow down the effects of ageing

    SUNBATHING CAN SLOW down the ageing process by up to five years, scientists have revealed. The new study has discovered that people who lack vitamin D, often by not receiving enough sun, can be up to five years older biologically than those who receive enough of the vitamin, and are also more susceptible to age-related illnesses.

    90% of vitamin D in the body is created by exposure to the sun. Dr Brent Richards who led the study at King’s College London commented, ‘These results are exciting because they demonstrate for the first time that people with high levels of vitamin D may age more slowly than people with lower levels.’

    He added, ‘This helps to explain how vitamin D has a protective effect on age-related illnesses such as heart disease.’

    Although many of us may avoid the sun for fear of skin cancer, Professor Tim Spector, who also worked on the study advised that people should spend more time in the sun, and should also include more vitamin D rich foods in their diet, such as fish, eggs and cereals. Spector added, ‘vitamin D deficiency is making hundreds of thousands of people ill with potentially fatal diseases.’

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