Sperm cells created from female embryo

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  • Breakthrough could help lesbian partners have their own children

    Lesbian partners could one day have their own biological children after a scientific breakthrough which saw scientists create sperm cells from a female embryo.

    Brainiacs at The University of Newcastle first manipulated male bone marrow cells into producing sperm cells and have now repeated the process with female embryonic stem cells.

    Now the team hopes to turn female bone marrow into sperm cells with the genetic capabilities for fertilisation, but will need ethical permission from the University first.

    Professor Karim Nayernia, who is behind the medical breakthrough, tells New Scientist: ‘I think, in principle, it will be scientifically possible.’

    As soon as he gets permission, Nayernia hopes to start experiments in Newcastle.

    However, other respected names in the business are already casting doubt on whether he will ultimately be successful – and even those who think it is possible, are concerned about how acceptable the results will be to the general public.

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