Soya shakes ‘could prevent weight gain in women’

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  • The soya milkshake that can help you lose weight

    SOYA SHAKES CAN help prevent women gaining fat around their abdomen, a new study has revealed.

    Researchers found postmenopausal women given drinks containing a soya supplement put on less abdominal fat than those given a placebo.

    The study, carried out at the University of Alabama, gave nine women the 120-calorie shakes containing 160mg of isoflavones – the compounds that provide most of the health benefits associated with soya. Six women took ‘dummy’ shakes containing no soya supplement.

    At the end of the trial there was no difference between weight gain or loss between the groups, but CT scans revealed that women in the soya group had less abdominal fat.

    Leader of the study, Dr Daniel Christie, said the findings could have significant effects on improving health in postmenopausal women, if the same results are found on a larger scale.

    ‘The effect seems to be isolated to the abdominal region. If this was to hold up in larger numbers, it could have much broader implications in terms of recommending high dose soya and isoflavones to postmenopausal women,’ he tells the Telegraph.

    ‘There may well be a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease or diabetes.’

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