Oestrogen stimulates woman’s competitive nature

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  • Oestrogen stimulates woman's competitive nature, just like testosterone

    Oestrogen is as powerful a hormone as testosterone, new research suggests.

    It appears that the killer streak in men attributed to testosterone could be just as strong in some women who have high levels of the oestrogen hormone.

    Scientists say that single women and those who are not on the Pill are particularly susceptible to the sex hormone.

    In a recent study by U.S and German researchers, power-motivated women who won when playing a computer game found their levels of oestrogen shot up and stayed high for at least 24 hours, whilst oestrogen levels nose-dived when they lost.

    German researcher Oliver Schultheiss said: ‘In men, power motivation is associated with heightened levels of testosterone, particularly after a contest victory.

    ‘In women, oestrogen appears to be the critical hormone for power motivation.’

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