New diet where slimmers photograph food

New 'flash' diet sees slimmers take pic of their food

A new slimming plan dubbed the ‘flash diet’ suggests slimmers should take a photo of their meal to help them lose weight.

Forget the crash diet, after a new study suggests that women who want to lose weight should take photos of their meals to ensure they stick to their diet plan.

By keeping a picture diary of what dieters eat, they are apparently forced into action as they feel guilty about the quality and quantity of what they are consuming.

Scientists say keeping a photo scrapbook of meals eaten means dieters can also keep an eye on the number of calories they are consuming.

Many nutrition experts say keeping a food journal does help to stop overeating as it guilt trips the slimmer into eating less.

American scientists asked 43 dieters to keep a text and picture diary of what they ate across a week. When quizzed about their eating habits, the subjects said the photo diaries were an effective and accurate way to record their daily calorie intake and a better incentive to stop overeating.

One volunteer admitted: ‘I had to think more carefully about what I was going to eat because I had to take a picture of it.

‘I was less likely to have a jumbo bag of M&Ms. It curbed my

choices. It didn’t alter them completely but who wants to take a photo

of a jumbo bag of M&Ms?

Another volunteer admitted the photo journal actually improved the quality of his diet saying: ‘I noticed that there weren’t too many greens in my diet, which means I should try to eat more vegetables and fruits.’


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