Men are smarter – and more stupid – than women

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  • Tests reveal men are smarter, and more stupid, than women

    It’s what we’ve thought for years: men are more stupid than women – but tests reveal they are also more intelligent.

    In a study testing the intelligence of 2,500 brothers and sister – using maths, science, English and mechanical abilities as subjects – scientists found there were twice as many men in the top 2%, and twice as many in the bottom 2%.

    One of the study’s authors and psychology professor, Timothy Bates, said the reason could be traced to society’s expectations of the sexes: men have typically been expected to be high achievers, while women were expected to base their lives around the home.

    ‘The female developmental programme may be tilted more towards ensuring survival and the safety of the middle ground,’ Bates, of Edinburgh University, told the Daily Mail.

    The research ties in with past findings that men were more likely to achieve first class degrees or thirds, while women often picked up seconds.

    It was suggested that men took more risks with their arguments, which could work wonders or fail spectacularly, while women were steadier with their learning.

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