Medical scans risk to healthy

Hypochondriacs putting health at risk with body scans

Hypochondriacs could be putting their health at risk when undergoing costly body scans, the Government claims.

A new report suggests private clinics should stop offering CT scans, which blast the body with potentially dangerous amounts of radiation, and even goes so far as to call for a total ban on the practice.

The British Medical Association has said in the past that private scans are a ‘waste of money’ in the majority of cases and the latest report, from the Committee on the Medical Aspects of Radiation agrees.

Whole body computed tomography scans – or CT scans as they’re more commonly known – expose patients to approximately 100 times more radiation than someone who was having a chest X-ray and could, therefore, increase someone’s chances of developing cancer.

The Department of Health is likely to take the report seriously and may well consider banning this kind of scan in private clinics, where they can cost up to £2,000 a time.

MRI scans, however, are not included in the report as they use magnets rather than radiation to scan the body.

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