Gadgets stop couples sleeping

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  • Do you and your other half sleep apart? One in four couples do

    If you and your other half end up in separate beds most nights, you’re not alone.A new survey of 1,400 people shows one in four couples regularly sleep apart and the reason: gadgets.According to the Sleep Council, which conducted the study, our bedrooms have now become a communications centre as opposed to somewhere we sleep. The average adult will brush their teeth with an electric toothbrush before setting the alarm on their Blackberry or mobile phone and collapsing in bed between 10 and 11pm. A third of those surveyed admitted to making phonecalls or sending text messages in bed.But it’s not just our phones that might keep us awake. Eight out of ten people confess to using a computer or other gadget at bedtime. A fifth of those quizzed will check social networking sites like Facebook, play on the computer or listen to their iPod.Jessica Alexander of the Sleep Council said: ‘Busy night-time routines are driving couples’ bedtimes and even their bedrooms apart.’ The survey revealed four in ten people go to bed at a different time to their partner. On a lighter note, pyjamas are still the favourite sleepwear of choice among women, with men twice as likely as women to sleep naked. However, 1% of men surveyed admitted to wearing a nightie in bed. We can only ask, why?

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