Fruit smoothies replace ready meals

Britons ditch ready meals in favour of smoothies

Britons are improving their diets by ditching ready meals and filling their shopping baskets with fruit smoothies instead.

The annual analysis to see what shoppers choose at the supermarket has been released by the Office of National Statistics and reveals the growing ‘café culture’ in Britain has prompted us to regularly buy muffins and smoothies in our weekly shop.

‘Fruit smoothies are included as the emerging market of healthy soft drinks continues to rise in supermarkets,’ it said.

The once-popular cases of ‘stubbies’, small beer bottles, no longer have the same demand.

And encouragingly, frozen veggie meals are now off the agenda, as shoppers favour fresh vegetables instead.

In leisure areas, the figures showed CD single sales have slumped fron 77.8m in 1997 to just 8.6m in 2007. Meanwhile downloads have soared from 5.8m in 2004 to 78m in 2007.

What’s in:

Small varieties of oranges


Fruit smoothies

Non-chart CD albums


Portable digital storage devices (eg USB sticks)

What’s out:

Top 40 CD singles

Frozen vegetarian ready meals

Lager stubbies (small bottles)

TV repairs


Washable carpets

35mm camera films

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