Drinking while pregnant could make children more attracted to alcohol

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  • Latest research suggests drinking alcohol while pregnant could make your kids like booze more

    Mothers who drink alcohol while pregnant are more likely to produce children attracted to alcoholic drinks themselves; well, that’s the latest advice being handed out by American researchers anyway.

    Scientists at the State University of New York tested their theory on pregnant rats and discovered that those fed alcohol during their pregnancies produced pups who responded more strongly to the smell of alcohol than those who were kept tee-total during their gestation period.

    ‘These results highlight an important relationship between fetal and adolescent experiences that appears essential to the progressive development of alcohol abuse,’ Steven Youngentob told the journal Behavioural and Brain Functions.

    ‘Within the context of ‘at risk’ adolescents, prior exposure to [alcohol] may, among other things, worsen the consequences of alcohol-related social interaction by increasing teenagers’ propensity to engage in such settings.’

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