Could egg freezing become the norm?

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  • Instantly freezing eggs seen as safest way to postpone motherhood

    More and more women could opt to freeze their eggs after it was proven that children born from frozen eggs are just as healthy as those conceived naturally or via IVF.

    In the UK, it is still relatively rare for a woman to freeze her eggs due to lifestyle reasons (as apposed to medical reasons). However, the latest research could pave the way for more and more women to opt for the procedure.

    In a study of 200 children born from ‘vitrified’, or instantly frozen, eggs, just 2.5% were born with birth defects – a similar rate to children born naturally.

    Dr Ri-Cheng Chian, who led the study in Canada, told The Times: ‘I have two daughters. If they wanted to preserve their fertility because they were 35 and not married, I would say, yes, they should use this technique.

    ‘Even if they were 20 or 25 and wanted to use it for social reasons, I would recommend going ahead. We cannot yet say it is 100% safe, but we are starting to amass good evidence that it is not risky so far as we can tell.

    ‘The American Society for Reproductive Medicine says egg freezing for social reasons should happen only in clinical trials, because there isn’t enough information yet, but I think that is soon going to have to change.’

    Have you considered having your eggs frozen? Or, indeed, have your undergone vitrification? Use the comment box below to tell us your stories…

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