Cheap breast cancer test

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  • New £10 test to identify breast cancer gene

    A new £10 test that can identify the genes that cause breast cancer could be available within a year.

    Tests have shown that as many as one in ten cases of the disease are down to inherited faulty genes and women who carry the gene have an 80% chance of suffering from breast cancer.

    Under current conditions the results to determine if you are a carrier can take 18 weeks to come through but if this new test comes onto the market, women can get the results in just one week, say scientists from Cancer Research UK.

    Professor Graham Taylor at Cancer Research UK commented on the news: ‘It’s important for two reasons: to minimise the period when someone’s anxious about the result, and I suppose because the sooner you make decisions the better it is.

    ‘It should mean reduced waiting times and that means people can start making decisions about their choices for the future.’

    Up to 45,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in the UK each year and every woman has a one in nine chance of developing the disease in her lifetime.

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