Body image lessons for school children

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  • MPs call for all school children to be given compulsory self-esteem lessons

    With girls as young as five worrying about their body size and shape, the All Party Parliamentary Group on body image have called for compulsory self-esteem lessons to be introduced into schools.

    More than half of the public has a negative body image with unrealistic media body images largely to blame according to a report.

    APPG chairman, Jo Swindon MP, says there is a definite problem with body image and that there will be serious consequences if the issues are not dealt with at a young age.

    The MP’s report reveals that cosmetic surgery rates have increased by 20% since 2008 as a result of decreasing body confidence and highlights that 1.6 million people in Britain suffer with eating disorders.

    The report recommends bringing body image and self esteem lessons into schools for children at primary and secondary level to tackle the root of the problem before negative body image becomes ingrained.

    It also suggests reviewing broadcast and editorial guidelines on reporting on body-image issues, amending the Equalities Act to include personal appearance related discrimination and introducing screening for potential cosmetic surgery patients.



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