The sky in the UK has gone orange and everyone is freaking out

It's all gone a bit Blade Runner 2049. When does Ryan Gosling get here?

A spot of rain, a heatwave, a slightly blustery walk from the tube… Brits love talking about even the slightest tilt in the weather, so today’s orange sky phenomenon proved to be a real time-wasting treat.

The dark orange sky that fell across the UK this afternoon looked much like the dystopian Los Angeles cityscape of Blade Runner 2049, but it was actually a weird by-product of Hurricane Ophelia.

BBC weather presenter Simon King explained that winds from the storm had dragged tropical air and dust from the Sahara, giving the sun an eerie red and orange glow.

‘The dust gets picked up into the air and goes high up into the atmosphere, and that dust has been dragged high up in the atmosphere above the UK’ he explained. The blue light you’d normally see in the sky was scattered by the particles, making way for ‘longer-wavelength’ red light. Oh yes – that’s what we thought.

Despite the scientific explanation for the red sky, many took it as a sign of the coming apocalypse. By mid-afternoon #apocalypse was trending on Twitter, along with #yellowsky, #redsky and #hurricaneophelia.

Stay safe out there, guys.

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