The ultimate guide to finding the best pair of jeans

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Jeans are one of the most difficult things to buy until you find a style you love. That's where we come in. We've compiled a foolproof guide to fiding the best jeans to suit your style, shape and budget...

Jeans are a total wardrobe staple, yet they’re one of the most difficult things to buy. Whenever you need a pair, it’s impossible to find any that fit, let alone look nice, unless you’ve got a style you buy again and again.

Once you know which fit you want – maybe skinny jeans, high-waisted jeans, boyfriend-fit jeans or straight leg jeans – then you’ve got the wash to decide upon. Maybe you’re a bleach-wash girl or just a simple black jean wearer.

Then what? Then you have to trawl the shops getting all hot and bothered as you pull tough denim on and off until you get fed up and go home… Not any more. The Marie Claire team have put their heads (full of years of jean experience) together and come up with their reliable favourites for you to try.

Check out our Marie Claire Jean Edit to find a pair you’ll love enough to buy again and again…

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