Cashmere jumpers are the chicest way to keep warm and these are my favourites

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Best Cashmere Jumpers
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Cashmere jumpers have been a wardrobe staple of mine for as long as I can remember. I've experimented with styles over the years, some more questionable than others (ahem neon everything and Mr T necklaces), but they are the one item I've never strayed from.

Alongside the best cosy cashmere scarves, cashmere jumpers are a secret weapon in ensuring you remain warm and stylish, no matter what the weather may throw at you. So much so that I gift them to my family every Christmas.

It is a great fabric to rely on for its warmth. It's naturally breathable and provides insulation, plus has unparalleled softness. It's also extremely durable: look after it well (see our guide to wash and store cashmere) and it should last you a lifetime.

When investing in a cashmere jumper, it is important to take into account colour and silhouette. If you're looking for a wardrobe staple, I'd suggest a neutral shade such as beige or grey, though it can always be fun to invest in something more statement too. I have an orange Vince jumper I love pairing with tailored cream trousers.  

Cashmere jumpers are endlessly versatile as well. While you might be inclined to pair it alongside trousers or jeans and your winter coat for a day at the office, styling your jumper alongside a sequin skirt can be great for an evening out.

Keep scrolling to read about how to care for your cashmere and then shop best cashmere jumpers around. 

Best Cashmere Jumpers

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What is cashmere?

You might know that cashmere is a more luxurious type of wool, and therefore is more expensive, but do you know why? That is because it comes from a specific type of goat, the cashmere goat, which produces finer, softer hair. Each goat sheds its hair once a year, and there isn't much of it, so it makes the fibre rarer and therefore pricier. 

How to wash cashmere:

First off, you'll want to check the care label as some cashmere jumpers are machine washable (M&S do a great line), but others aren't. Usually, you'll need to wash them by hand in warm - but not hot - water, or in certain rare cases, dry clean only. Make sure you also lay it flat to dry so that it doesn't lose its shape, we have a full guide on how to wash and store cashmere here.

Best cashmere jumpers:

There is no denying it, cashmere jumpers are an investment so come with a higher price tag than your average wool jumpers. That said, some high-street stores such as John Lewis, M&S and Uniqlo sell budget-friendly styles that don't compromise on quality.

If you're looking to invest in a designer piece make sure to check out the selection at Net-a-Porter and MATCHES. Shop my edit of cashmere jumpers, including both 100% cashmere styles and cashmere blends. 

Shop the best cashmere jumpers: 

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