Obama eats right at the White House

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  • The Obamas' new chef specialises in green and local food

    Barack Obama often says in interviews that his favourite food is chilli. We don’t know how much of it he has been eating lately but we do know that after his latest appointment: when he does, he’ll be eating it right.

    From now on the White House chilli is likely to be made with  beef from cows that grazed within a few miles of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and beans that sprouted not far away.

    In fact all the yummy food that Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama, and other White House diners, will be tucking into will be local and much greener from now on.

    Barack Obama’s latest addition to the White House staff has been to appoint Sam Kass, who was the Obama  family’s personal chef in Chicago, as the new White House assistant chef.

    Kass had already got a reputation as America‘s Jamie Oliver having launched an initiative similar to Jamie’s school dinners, which encouraged American families to cook healthy meals from local produce.

    The Chicago-born celebrity chef, Todd English, says that Kass’s appointment could also be a boost to the economy.

    ‘The  new administration’s goal is to stimulate the economy, and a big part of it is the green initiative,’ English says.

    ‘Industries are dying and you need to create new ones. The benefits of having a chef in the White House who cares about local food and local farms are very obvious. Using local farmers is a great way of stimulating the economy and creating new jobs.’

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