Four out of five of modern women wish their partners did more to help

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  • Survey finds working mothers are increasingly stressed by balancing work and home life

    Modern women don’t feel like they are having it all – in fact working mothers now feel they are doing it all, according to recent research.

    The survey commissioned by ASDA found half of the 5,000 women they polled expressed anxiety about balancing work and family life. This led to them feeling stressed out and pressurised.

    75 per cent of women felt it was down to them to run the household, with 70 per cent doing all the cooking and cleaning.

    83 per cent wished they had more help from their partner, with 22 per cent harbouring resentment due to their partner’s lack of support.

    Women also felt pressured into maintaining their appearances and keep in shape.

    The ‘doing it all, not having it all’ generation also fear for their daughters – 80 per cent predicted their daughters’ lives would be more stressful.

    Do you feel stressed about balancing work and family life? Do you wish your partner helped out more? Let us know in the comments below.


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