Men and women think differently

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  • How men and women genuinely think in different ways

    We’ve always believed men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but now scientists have proven that the two sexes genuinely think in different ways.

    Adding further fuel to the nature versus nurture argument, a new study suggests it is tiny genetic differences in our brains that make women and women differ in their outlook on life.

    It doesn’t mean that one sex is more intelligent than the other, but that qualities such as empathy, aggression, risk-taking and even navigation really are different across the sexual divide.

    So, those map reading arguments you and your other half always seem to have? It’s all down to your genes. Women are better with visual memories, hence the preference to navigate by landmarks rather than maps, for instance.

    ‘This is a very original study, testing which genes are expressed differently in males and females across different primate species,’ says Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, from the University of Cambridge.

    ‘It confirms the supposition that genetic sex differences are expressed not just in the secondary sexual characteristics in the body, but in the brain.

    ‘Finding genes that are conserved across species points to the evolution of these genetic sex differences, and finding them in the brain suggests that they may in part influence the way the mind works, and in part influence our behaviour.’

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