Couples admit spying on each other

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  • Is your other half snooping on your emails and texts?

    If you secretly check your partner’s text messages and snoop on his emails, it seems you’re not the only one.

    Nearly a quarter of all married couples have confessed to secretly checking up on their other halves, a new survey has found.

    The survey analysed our online habits and found more than one in ten people nose around the internet sites their partners visit.

    Although those questioned said the internet was virtually essential for starting and maintaining a relationship, they did think it could potentially lead to ‘online infidelity’.

    The report by Oxford University questioned over 6,000 married couples and showed 97% disapproved of their partners falling in love with other people on the internet and 85% were against them flirting online.

    Distrust amongst couples proved relatively high with 20% admitting to reading each other’s emails and 13% checking their internet histories.

    Research leader, Ellen Helsper commented on the results saying: ‘We found it quite surprising how many couples check up on each other online.’

    However Ms Helsper added: ‘However snooping on each other was not necessarily about checking to see if your partner was cheating it could also be to keep an eye on their spending.’

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