David Beckham marriage secrets

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  • Revealed: David Beckham’s marriage secrets

    David Beckham has revealed the secrets to his happy marriage to Victoria are respect, the kids – and her ‘amazing legs’.

    The gorgeous football star admitted there was pressure on them as a couple, but that they find ways of working around it.

    In an interview with OK! magazine, he said: ‘We have quite a lot of pressure, honestly, as a couple.

    ‘But I think having our children around takes all the pressure away.

    ‘Either of us could have had the worst day at work, but it doesn’t matter because then you come home and see your sons smiling.’

    And the LA Galaxy star revealed they’ve always got each other’s backs.

    ‘There are pressures on us as a couple, but we’ve had that since we first started going out, so we got used to it over the years.

    ‘We have a way of working through it by looking out for each other.’

    And when asked what was the first thing that attracted him to Victoria, David gushed: ‘Her legs! She was in the Spice Girls when I first saw her and she used to wear these miniskirts and everyone used to say: “Who’s your favourite Spice Girl?”

    ‘I’d always say: “The one with the bob, the one with the legs.”

    ‘And that was my answer – all because she had these amazing legs.’

    Aww. What a cutie.



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