Women's gym hoodies promise to keep you warm pre-workout - 6 stylish sweatshirts to shop now

As tested by team MC.

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When it's as cold outside as it's been this month, going to the gym is most likely the last thing you feel like doing. Fun fact for you: here at team MC UK, we're firm believers in investing in the best gym wear to motivate ourselves to workout consistently, whatever the weather. Top of the must-wear list this week? Women's gym hoodies.

In our opinion, hoodies and sweatshirts are massively overlooked when it comes to fit kit. Much like the best oversized gym t-shirts, matching gym sets, running shorts and running trainers, a hoodie will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe. Why? Well, they're great for throwing on over your gym leggings and sports bra, plus can also see you go from gym to brunch with ease.

We've all tried our fair share of styles, and we've rounded up the top six women's gym hoodies that you can buy. Wondering who tested them? We enlisted the help of our Health Editor and 8x marathon runner Ally Head, our Ecommerce Writer Grace Lindsay, our Fashion Editor Zoe Anastasiou (who knows exactly what to look out for in a good hoodie), and our Producer and Pilates lover Sofia Piza. For all the info on how we test the products that make it into our articles, don't forget to check out our guide.

Keep on scrolling for our top picks. Happy shopping...

What did we look for when testing the best women's gym hoodies?

  • The cut, design and fit - does it look good and work well with the rest of our gymwear?
  • The quality - does the hoodie wash well and will it last us for years to come?
  • The price - will we get our cost per wear?

Women's gym hoodies and sweatshirts: 6 to buy now

Grace Lindsay and Ally Head testing some of the best women's gym hoodies

Ecommerce Writer Grace Lindsay and Health Editor Ally Head testing some of the best women's gym hoodies

(Image credit: Grace Lindsay and Ally Head)

1. Best affordable women's gym hoodie

2. Best Adanola women's gym hoodie

3. Best investment women's gym hoodie

4. Best lululemon women's hoodie

5. Best women's gym sweatshirt

6. Best oversized women's gym hoodie

What should I look for in a gym hoodie?

Good question. The first thing to think about is the fit. Do you prefer a more oversized fit, or are you looking for something cropped? 

Once you've decided on that, you've then got to think about the fabric. Cotton will be super soft on the skin, but if you're planning to sweat a lot, then you may want to go for another option.

Finally, are you wanting something with a zip, or do you prefer a pullover style? If you plan on changing a lot, we recommend a zip up option so it's easier to take on and off.

So, now that you've read our guide to the best women's gym hoodies, which one will you be trying out for yourself? Trust us, your fit kit is about to get a serious upgrade.

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Grace Lindsay is currently Junior Beauty Editor at Who What Wear UK and previously was Marie Claire UK's E-Commerce Writer.  With over three years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry, she covers everything from the best make-up and skincare deals to how to shop the stand out trends of the season. When she's not typing away at her laptop, Grace can be found shopping her favourite vintage markets IRL, or catching up on her never-ending list of books to read.