Oversized gym t-shirts: 10 to throw over your fit kit to make any ensemble look cool

Tried and tested.

best oversized gym t shirts: Health Editor Ally Head trying one of the best oversized gym t shirts
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As a Health Editor, I get to test a lot of the best gym wear for a living. Shorts, trainers, bras - you name it, I've probably tried it. Including the ten oversized gym t-shirts below, which I can confirm are great for working out in.

Oversized gym t-shirts are one of my favourite items of gym kit. They're ideal for supporting you on days when your tight-fitting leggings need to be rolled down (I'm looking at you, time of the month) or for those of us who like a little extra coverage during our sweat sessions. On days when I just want to focus on the workout at hand, they make me feel supported, strong, and capable of anything. 

It's not just me, either: searches for oversized gym t-shirts have increased by 4,200% on Google in the past month.  So why the spike in search? They're super easy  to wear - simply throw them over a supportive sports bra and a pair of cycling shorts and you're gym (or even brunch) ready.  

When I'm testing a product, I'm largely looking for support, comfort, and sweat-wicking abilities - no one likes a crotch sweat patch or a sports bra that causes damage to your breast tissue. All of the shirts below have been tested by me and are either a. comfortable for lighter sessions or b. great at sweat-wicking for heavier workouts - plus, they start at just £17. 

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Oversized gym t shirts: I'm a Health Editor and the below 10 are my go-to's

Best for light sweat sessions

Best for intense sweat sessions

What should I look for in an oversized gym t shirt?

Some of the above are made from cotton, which isn't the best material for sweat-wicking - in my experience, they end up smelling after a month or so if you're heavily sweating in them, no matter how you wash them.

Word from the wise: these ones are best for low impact workouts - Reformer Pilates, yoga, Barre exercises and so on - where you won't be working up a sweat. (They're also great for pairing with workout shorts and grabbing a coffee).

If you're more into your running, high intensity interval training, or heavy weight training, go for something sweat-wicking that'll allow your skin to breathe and is actually designed for working out in. Trust me - I learnt this the hard way! - but buying workout tops actually designed for working out in is key here.

Why do people wear oversized gym t shirts?

Good question. Largely, because they're comfortable, versatile, and offer a loose silhouette, making your workout about your workout and nothing else. Many opt for baggier styles to take any focus away from tight fitting kit that they might not feel comfortable or able to concentrate in.

Plus, they're easy to take on and off if you do decide you'd rather do your sweatier reps in a tight tank or bra. 

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