Here’s how we test all the products that make it into our buying guides

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    Whether it’s reporting from the front line, writing about the newest fashion trends and cult items or keeping you updated on all the most talked-about beauty products, like the best eye cream or best night cream – who doesn’t need those? – our editors always aim to be the first or most thorough when it comes to their work. They are all experts in their fields and want to help you find whatever it is you’re looking for. 

    How we test products

    When we say “the best,” we really mean it. Our editors always like to get hands-on with the products we talk about, so we can give you the best recommendations. We get to feel and try on the clothes we see on the runway, we spend countless hours watching that latest TV boxset, use our evenings to test out the best recipe box and spritz our way through hundreds of bottles to find the best perfume for women.

    That’s why we wanted to tell you exactly what goes into our testing process and be as transparent as possible.

    How we test beauty products

    Our Beauty Editor Katie Thomas and eCommerce Writer Grace Lindsay always make sure that they spend some time with the products that they write about.

    Moisturisers, creams, serums and foundations are all tested and rated on things such as their consistency, the formulation, the price, the efficacy, the packaging and any sustainability measures the brand takes. Lipsticks are worn and tested for their staying power, mascaras for their lengthening and volumising effects and curling wands for their styling abilities.  We always consult experts too, whether it’s a top dermatologist or skinfluencer, we aim to give as much in-depth knowledge about the products in front of us.

    We also get to spend time with designers and brand founders – often getting a look around factories – to really get under the skin of the brand, understanding their ethos and what goes into creating their products.

    How we test fashion items

    While we can’t try on every pair of jeans or alternative wedding dress on the market, our Fashion Editor, Penny Goldstone, and our eCommerce Writer, Grace Lindsay, get to see the collections stomping down the catwalks and get up close and personal with the clothing at re-sees (that’s when you schedule an appointment with the designer, usually the day after the show).

    This gives us the chance to touch and try on the clothing, allowing us to understand the construction of the garment and see if it’s really wearable or not. Our editors also go to press days for high street and mid-market brands too, where we get to do the same.

    How we test health and wellness products

    Our Health, Sustainability and Relationships Editor Ally Head and eCommerce Writer Grace Lindsay love getting hands-on with their edits. They’ve spent countless hours trying to find the best gym leggings, running trainers and best sports bras, taking them for long runs and always making sure they pass the squat test.

    They never feature a product they haven’t tried personally and will only include items they’d purchase themselves – because they never want you to be disappointed with anything you’ve bought at their recommendation.

    Gym kit is always sweat tested – Ally and Grace test leggings, shorts, bras, tops, caps and so on during at least one run and one gym session prior to writing about them. Running shoes will have been tested a minimum of two times and over at least a three-mile distance, and gym shoes will have been used for a solo gym session and a workout class.

    They’ll be tested over a range of variables – do they pile? Are they sweat-proof? Do they crinkle at the knees? Are they supportive? Do they fade or smell, and do they wash well over time? Are they flattering and as described on the website? And, most importantly, are they squat-proof? If not, they won’t be featured, as Ally and Grace understand how important it is for your self-confidence that you have kit that supports you through even the toughest of workouts.

    Wellness products are also their forte and they love trialling probiotics for women, collagen supplements, protein powders, and more to see which ones a. taste good b. fit into their day-to-day and c. don’t break the bank. No chalky protein powders or gimmicks in sight.

    While they haven’t personally tested the best sex toys featured on site, they’ve enlisted a team of sex-perts, relationship pros, and intimacy psychologists to streamline the products we recommend – meaning, again, that you’re never buying a product that hasn’t been tested and doesn’t come personally recommended.

    All health and wellness editorial content written by Ally and Grace will also include expert comments from the best in the business to make sure you know what you’re buying, what to look for in a product, and how to know if it’s right for you – we aim to educate and want you to be able to go away from the article knowing more than you did when you got there.

    Thanks to press days, we also get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the way health and wellness brands make their products, so always take this into consideration prior to including.

    So, there you have it. All of the above gives us an informed stance to create our edit of shoppable products, whatever the occasion.

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