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  • Women turn to technology spending more time on internet than men

    Women are spending more time on the internet than men – because they are hooked on chatting with friends online, according to communications regulator Ofcom.

    Chatterboxes between 25 and 49 are logging on to social networking sites like Facebook, Bebo and MySpace, to keep up on the latest gossip between pals.

    And the 25-34 age group are the worst offenders, with women accounting for 55% of time spent online, indicating a feminisation of the once male-dominated medium.

    Social networking sites have exploded on to the online scene over the last two years, and are a particular favourite with women. More than six million British women visit them a month and, according to Ofcom’s Communication Marketing Report, figures are rising.

    Nearly a third of all Facebook users are women aged 18-34; only a quarter are men in the same age range.

    Adam Baum, media analyst with Gartner Group, tells The Times: ‘I have no doubt that the reason behind the swing [towards women] is the rise of social networking sites.

    The time people spend on sites such as MySpace, Bebo and Facebook is by some magnitude higher than on ‘traditional’ websites and these new sites, which allow people to talk to each other, engage in friendships and share tastes, appeal to women.’

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