The Bodyclock Experiment: Final instalment

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  • January has been bleak, so the Lumie is back doing what it does best.

    Three months ago I began my experiment to see if using the Lumie Bodyclock would make any improvements to the moderate SAD I suffer from each winter. I had intended it to be a month-long trial but as time passed I realised that November and December were not my real test, but January, when not only is there no daylight but Christmas is over and money is tight.

    Working in an office – and often working through my lunch break – my only daylight is a brief snatch walking to the tube in the morning.

    Over Christmas I had no need for an alarm clock of any kind, so the Lumie stayed in London while I headed north for presents and more food than anyone should ever be able to eat.

    But January has been pretty bleak – pitch black mornings and incessant rain – so the Lumie is back doing what it does best: waking me up as though it is a summer’s day. The only problem is that once I open my curtains the illusion is shattered. But I’m awake and dressed by then, so it’s not too bad.

    While I still have a desire to oversleep (who doesn’t?) I have had tons more energy than usual at this time of year and pretty much undisturbed sleep. I find the sunset mode is brilliant for helping me relax and drop off to sleep, even when I’m really stressed. And the sunrise gives me long enough to wake up properly without the desperate need for caffeine. I certainly don’t miss that sick feeling that my alarm clock gives. The Lumie does come with an alarm but I’m usually awake before that has a chance to go off.

    While I will never be a winter person, between the Lumie and Radio 2 I have had a much cheerier January than ever before.

    Please note that for those with serious cases of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) you should consider a light box as well as the Bodyclock and/or medication from your doctor.

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