Healthy drinks contain more sugar than we think

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  • Fruit juice and smoothies account for a quarter of our average calore intake

    Fruit juices and smoothies might not be as healthy as you think, accounting for a large percentage of our calorie intake.

    Researchers at the University of Glasgow say we are underestimating the sugar content of supposedly healthy drinks.

    ‘What you drink can be as damaging to the body as what you eat,’ says lead researcher Professor Naveed Sattar.

    The study suggests that 450 calories of our daily intake is being consumed through ‘healthy’ soft drinks, which is a quarter of women’s daily calorie intake.

    The team warns that over-consumption of soft drinks is contributing to the growing obesity epidemic and is a major risk factor for conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

    ‘There is no question that consuming too many sugar-sweetened drinks can greatly contribute to obesity,’ says Professor Sattar.

    ‘Some varieties of drinks such as pure fruit juices and smoothies, which are perceived as healthy options, are also very high in sugar.

    ‘For many people struggling with their weight, reducing their intake of such drinks and replacing them with water or diet drinks would be a sensible first target to help them lessen their calorie intake.’


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