Organic food no better for you

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  • Organic food no more vitamins than regular produce

    Organic food has no more vitamins than regular produce, according to the latest study.

    In yet another blow for the organic food movement, a team at the University of Copenhagen say they’ve proven fruit and vegetables grown with pesticides have just as many vitamins and minerals as those grown without.

    ‘Modern crop protection chemicals to control weeds, pests and diseases are extensively tested and stringently regulated, and once in the soil, mineral nutrients from natural or artificial fertilisers are chemically identical,’ says Dr Alan Baylis, from the Society of Chemical Industry, which published the new study in its Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture.

    ‘Organic crops are often lower yielding and eating them is a lifestyle choice for those who can afford it.’

    The study couldn’t have come at a worse time for organic farmers who are already suffering as credit-crunch families swap their organic buys for cheaper, own-brand groceries.

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