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  • One meal could contain enough fat for a whole day

    Some Restaurant and takeaway meals contain more calories and salt in one serving than the recommended intake for the whole day.

    Restaurants and takeaways may soon be made to carry labels warning customers how nutritional their meals are.

    A pilot scheme has begun in which food is given a green, amber or red light according to its healthiness.

    Research conducted in Liverpool revealed that a pepperoni pizza that was tested had 3,320 calories which is 30% higher than the recommended 2,550 a day for men and 71% more than the 1,940 suggested for women.

    The study also found a Chinese meal of beef and green peppers in a black bean sauce with fried rice contained 27.6g of salt – more than four times the recommended daily amount for an adult.

    The aim of the ‘traffic light’ scheme – which is being piloted at 15 restaurants in Liverpool – is to help inform customers and convince chefs to make healthier versions of their meals. If the scheme is successful it could go nationwide.

    Dave Horsfield, a tradings standards officer, said: ‘Takeaways and restaurants don’t have to tell you what is in their meals.

    Consequently it is very hard for people to make a judgement about what they are eating.’

    But resistance to the scheme has come from the Restaurant Association who call the scheme ‘nonsense’, claiming the scheme will take away the flair of creating different dishes.

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