Morning-after pill sold online

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  • One pill will cost £27.99 from Lloyds Pharmacy

    A major High Street chemist has become the first in the UK to sell the morning-after pill over the internet.

    Lloyds Pharmacy says it’s giving people an option in emergencies but critics say it will encourage unprotected sex. From Monday, women can order up to three pills – at prices ranging from £27.99 to £74.99 – which will be delivered 72 hours after they place the order.

    Women wanting to use the service will have to complete a detailed questionnaire, which will then be checked by a doctor. The pill, which is reportedly 95% effective if taken within 24 hours of having sex, will only be sent to the address of the credit card holder ordering.

    Steve Marinker, spokesperson for Lloyds Pharmacy, said: ‘A lot of women have told us that they would find it very useful to have an advanced supply of the morning-after pill.

    ‘For example, when they’re going abroad somewhere where they don’t speak the language and they’re worried that if they find themselves in a situation where they might need the morning-after pill – for example, a condom splits – that they won’t necessarily be able to get one very easily.’

    Emily James from the family planning clinic Marie Stopes International said: ‘This isn’t designed to be contraception in its own right, the idea is that people can order this as part of their forward planning for if their normal contraception fails.

    ‘So it’s the idea that you can have it in your cupboard alongside your Paracetamol and your Nurofen, but with the idea that it’s not there for consistent use, it’s there for emergency purposes only.’


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