Models not responsible for anorexia

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  • Models not responsible for anorexia says new research

    New research suggests the age of super-thin models and celebrities is in no way responsible for anorexia amongst women and girls.

    Psychiatrists studying the illness say anorexia may instead be caused by inherited differences in the manner in which a victim’s brain operates – leading to obsessive behaviour.

    Images of underweight celebrities have long been accused of encouraging the illness amongst young women, however the study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry suggests the eating disorder could be triggered by the inherent way in which the brain reacts to pleasure and reward.

    The team of psychiatrists at the University of Pittsburgh tested former anorexics and non-sufferers and concluded that the brains of those who suffer from the disorder behave differently to those of the rest of the population and that some people are more prone to developing the condition.

    Psychologist Ian Frampton said of the new research: ‘It supports the growing feeling that anorexia is a biological condition caused by the brains of some people being structured in a different way.’

    He added: ‘We need to move away from this idea that supermodels are to blame. It is probably not good for them to look as they do. But for anorexics, the desire not to eat and to be thin seems to be already in them and not something they can pick up by looking at a magazine.’

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