Make yo-yo dieting history

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  • Fed up of failed diets? Why not try a different approach with

    Ditch the diet plans!
    Fed up of failed diets? Why not try a different approach with our new online weight loss service. provides you with a highly effective online food diary that can help you reach your goal – without following a regimented diet plan or buying costly food you wouldn’t usually eat. Recording what you eat in a food diary is a successful approach used by many doctors and dietitians. Not only does it help you lose weight, it actually teaches you how to keep the weight off too – without giving up chocolate for life! So make yo-yo dieting a thing of the past and discover how to take control of food for good at

    How it works
    There are no banned foods – our service helps to re-educate your eating habits gradually – starting with your diet now and showing you how much you need to change this by to lose weight. If you are going to be able to stick with a weight loss programme for longer than a few weeks, it has to be down to you to decide and control what eat. The aim is knowledge is power! Our service provides you with the information to eat smarter and make healthier food choices.

    The theory of weight loss is simple – burn more calories than you consume, and you will lose weight. In practice, getting this balance right isn’t so easy – which is why we gain weight in the first place! So our online weight loss service gives you the tools to measure this accurately and get the calorie balance right for weight loss.

    How to start
    Visit and register for a free assessment online (enter your age, height, current weight, activity levels and weight loss goal) to get your personal weight loss targets. Then simply start to keep your online food and exercise diary, staying within your targets.
    It’s flexible and realistic – letting you set easier targets for a night out.  As long as you stay within your weekly targets, you’ll be on track to lose. And the bottom line is simply this; the more accurately you keep your food diary, the more weight you will lose.
    Why not try a 5-day free trial today? Click here to start.

    What membership includes
    •    Personal online Food Diary & Exercise Diary
    •    Online food directory with calories & fat for over 40,000 products
    •    Automatic 5-a-day tracker & Alcohol Monitor to help you improve your diet
    •    Access to Nutracheck’s Slimming Forums – get 24/7 support from a friendly, supportive online community of fellow dieters and feel part of the club.
    •    Option to find a ‘Diet Buddy’ to team up with – someone who is also trying to lose a similar amount of weight as you
    •    Advice from Nutritionists & Fitness Expert in the ‘Ask the Experts’ forums
    •    Weight loss charts to track your progress, plus rosette awards for reaching 7lb and 1 stone milestones (these show up against your forum profile)
    •    Over 400 calorie-counted meal suggestions & recipe ideas
    •    A special feature to share recipes with friends
    •    Extensive ‘Resources’ section with many useful diet & fitness articles
    •    Option to update your online Food Diary via a special program you can download onto your mobile phone.

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