7 simple exercise tips from the world’s hottest fitness blogger, Kayla Itsines

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  • 'If you say to yourself, "Oh, I want to look like her", that will never happen. You want to look like the best version of you'

    There are fitness bloggers. And then there’s Kayla Itsines. Every day, the 26-year-old Australian personal trainer shares lifestyle and workout tips to a whopping 20 million women and men around the world, a vast network dubbed Kayla’s Army. Not bad for a woman who never intended to become an influencer in the first place, but began attracting followers by posting before and after pictures of her clients.

    Following the success of her Bikini Body Guide books, Kayla has launched a BBG fitness programme on the SWEAT app, which builds on her bread and butter pattern of three high intensity, 28-minute workouts a week – refreshingly do-able if you find exercise boring or difficult to fit in. Along with multiple video workout routines, her programme features sensible eating plans and recipes (no #eatclean extremes), step trackers, hydration monitors and music. ‘It’s all there for you’ says Itsines, ‘you just open it and go.’

    Want to get on a fitness drive? We asked Itsines for some tips to get you started…

    Lay out your exercise gear the night before

    ‘Not just your exercise gear but your socks, your bra, your pants, your jacket. When you’ve just woken up your brain is getting in gear; you don’t want to think, you want it all there so you can get up and go.’

    Try to be disciplined with sleep

    ‘I use the Sleep Cycle app that wakes you up in your best phase of sleep, which I’ve found amazing. I get into bed at 9, but I don’t fall asleep until maybe 10. In the evening I will look at my phone once but then I will have to put it away, or I’ll just keep checking it to see what everyone’s up to!’

    Set yourself micro goals

    ‘If you say to yourself, “Oh, I want to look like her” that will never happen. You want to look like the best version of you. Set yourself small, achievable goals like, “I want to be able to squat for longer.” I do a lot of box jumps with clients and they always start out saying, “I will never be able to jump on that box”, but then a few weeks later they do it.’

    SURPRISE!!!! …..MY NEW WORKOUT PROGRAM BBG STRONGER IS NOW LIVE IN THE @SWEAT APP!! FINALLY – LEG PRESS, CABLES AND MORE… My brand new program, just like BBG, focuses on 28-minute resistance sessions 2-3 x per week, but is specially designed for those wanting to workout at the gym! #BBGstronger incorporates both gym-based equipment as well as free weights! From week 1 onwards I will take you on a journey where I slowly introduce you to gym equipment, allowing you to take your strength to another level. I want women to walk into the gym with CONFIDENCE. I'm going to teach women NOT to be afraid of weights, and instead use them to strengthen their bodies from the inside out! ? Together, SWEAT and I are on the same mission, to help women live a happier, healthier and more confident life! …. and that's not the only surprise sweat has for you….. check out @SWEAT for more!!! www.kaylaitsines.com/app

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    Find a workout time you can stick to

    ‘I religiously train at 2pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, after I’ve spent the morning with clients. I’ve had my breakfast, my snack, I’ve had lunch, I’ve fuelled my whole body. I think 2pm is a good time for mums that stay at home too, when the morning rush is over but the kids are still at school.’

    Check out my #bbgstronger program in the @sweat app ? visit www.kaylaitsines.com/app

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    Don’t stress if you need to give your body a break

    ‘I feel it’s a bit of a myth that if you miss one workout you’ll not be motivated to do another one. I’ve been sick recently so I haven’t worked out for two weeks – I’m not going to feel guilty about giving my body a rest, what is the point if it makes you feel worse? Likewise with food, when you’re sick you don’t crave a cold salad, you want something hearty and filling like a nice bowl of pasta.’

    Don’t wear high heels to work

    ‘The more sportily dressed you are for work, the more likely you are to exercise. If you can get away with it, wear comfortable trainers to work. It’ll make you more likely to skip the bus stop and walk, go for a stroll at lunchtime or offer to go out and do the coffee run. If not, there are other ways you can exercise at your desk. The Apple Watch is good as it tells you to stand up every hour, or you can look into getting a stand-up desk. Even just getting up to touch your toes a few times in the day will do wonders for your back.’

    It’s about quality not quantity

    ‘I only like working out for around twenty minutes, though I would say book out the whole hour so it’s yours, which gives you time to warm-up, get a drink and a towel. You don’t need to be working out for a full hour or two, to me it’s just unrealistic and harder to fit into your day.’

    Check out Kayla’s new BBG Stronger program in the SWEAT App #BBGStronger

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