15 Joe Wicks YouTube workouts to help you get a sweat on from home

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  • CBA to workout? These sessions are quick, effective and free

    Joe Wicks is one of the biggest success stories of the fitness industry. He’s sold the most diet books in the UK since records began, has transformed millions of people’s lives through his free workout and nutrition content and also holds a Guiness world record for the most viewers on a YouTube workout live stream.

    It’s been a big year for Wicks: kicking off PE with Joe at the beginning of lockdown, he hosted a workout every morning for kids missing out on PE at school. Donating all of the advertising revenue from the streaming, the star raised near £100,000 for the NHS. Not bad.

    But back to the Joe Wicks YouTube workouts—the reason you’re on this page. The personal trainer’s online sessions are universally loved, and we can see why. They’re short, simple and effective, with most less than half an hour and needing just yourself (and a good sports bra).

    What kind of workouts are they, you ask? Well, Joe’s focus has always been on high-intensity interval training, or HIIT. High intensity, as you work at 80% of your RPE (rate of perceieved exertion), and intervals, as you did this in short, quick bursts. Forget hours in the gym: if you’re willing to work hard, he reckons you can get just as good results.

    He’s not wrong. You only need to take a quick scroll of his Instagram page (@thebodycoach) to see the hundreds of transformation photos. Sure, HIIT training may not boast the long term health benefits of running, hiking or cold water therapy, but it sure as heck seems to work for fat loss.

    So why not try a Joe Wicks YouTube workout for yourself? We’ve rounded up 15 of the best fitness videos from the star for all abilities. Whether you’re after something short and sweet, need it low impact because of injury or are after a longer session, we’ve got just the session.


    15 Joe Wicks YouTube workouts to try now

    Got 15 minutes?

    1. Beginners Home HIIT workout

    2. Full Body HIIT

    3. Advanced HIIT

    4. Quick Home Fat Burner

    5. Low Impact Low Intensity for beginners

    Got 20 minutes?

    6. Ultimate Beginners workout

    7. Full Body workout

    8. Legs and Glutes workout

    9. Low Impact HIIT

    10. Bench workout

    11. Fat Burner

    Got 25 minutes?

    12. Longer Home HIIT

    Got 30 minutes?

    13. Home HIIT No-Equipment workout

    14. Home Workout w/ dumbbells

    15. Longer Cardio and Abs workout

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