On the hunt for a Joe Wicks workout? 30 simple sessions that promise to boost your fitness from home

Quick, effective and free sweat sessions.

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Joe Wicks workouts earnt the trainer an MBE for a reason - they're simple to do, seriously effective and can be done for free from home. 

Wicks is taking things up a level. With the recent MBE under his belt - he's single-handily sold the most fitness books in the UK since records began - he's keen to keep transforming millions of lives through his free workout and nutrition content.

Why Joe's workouts over other personal trainers, you ask? Well, he's single-handily sold the most fitness books in the UK since records began and has transformed millions of lives through his free workout and nutrition content.

The workouts are great, too - some of the most accessible home workouts on the market. Not only are they free, but there are literally hundreds of options available on Wicks's channel tailored to all fitness abilities and needs.

Keen to know what kind of workout you'll be doing? Twenty-minute or so high-intensity interval training sessions designed to get your heart rate and calorie burn up. Otherwise known as HIIT, it's as the name implies - short, sharp, intense bursts of exercise (aim for 80% of your rate of perceived exertion or RPE) followed by rest periods. Forget hours in the gym: if you're willing to work hard, he reckons you can get just as good results.

If the many physical perks of hitting your weekly workout quota don't motivate you, know this: you're almost guaranteed to feel better mentally after getting a sweat on. Wicks is on a mission not only to get the nation moving but reshape the UK's mental health in the process. 

Still not convinced? You need only take a quick scroll of his Instagram page (@thebodycoach) to see the hundreds of transformation photos. Sure, HIIT training may not boast the long-term health benefits of running, hiking or cold water therapy, but it sure as heck seems to work for fat loss.

We've rounded up 30 of the best Joe Wicks workouts for all abilities. Whether you're after something short and sweet, need it low impact because of an injury, or are after a longer session, we've got just the workout.

30 best Joe Wicks workouts for simple sweat sessions

Got 10 minutes?

1. Ab blaster

What? A short-but-sweet abdominal-focused workout.

How long? 7 minutes.

2. Chair-based workout

What? A simple workout that only requires a chair (and a good sports bra). 

How long? 10 minutes.

3. Intense Tabata style workout

What? A seriously sweat Tabata-style HIIT guaranteed to get your heart rate up.

How long? 10 minutes.

4. Cardio and abs

What? A cardio and ab hybrid sweat session designed to get both your heart rate up and your abs working.

How long? 10 minutes.

Got 15 minutes?

5. Beginners Home HIIT workout

What? A session designed for those who haven't given HIIT a go before.

How long? 15 minutes. 

6. Full Body HIIT

What? A workout designed for holidays when you've got minimal equipment. You're welcome. 

How long? 15 minutes.

7. Advanced HIIT

What? This one's for the experienced HIIT fans among you. Fancy a challenge? Then this is the sweat session for you. 

How long? 15 minutes.

8. Quick Home Fat Burner

What? Not got long to workout but want to get a spicy session in that'll leave you feeling positive for the day ahead? Enter stage right, Joe's quick home fat burner. Expect burpees and high knees galore.

How long? 15 minutes.

9. Low Impact Low Intensity for beginners

What? If you suffer from joint issues or prefer low impact exercise, Joe's tailored a session just for you. Fear not - it's just as effective and suitable for beginners, too.

How long? 15 minutes.

10. Full Body Fat Burner

What? An effective workout featuring side kicks, squats, and lunges. Good luck.

How long? 15 minutes.

11. Legs, bums and tums

What? Similar to your more traditional legs, bums and tums classes, this workout is short yet effective and promises to work you calf, hamstring, glute and abdominal muscles.

How long? 15 minutes.

12. Intermediate home kettlebell workout

What? This one's slightly more on the advanced side - you'll need a kettlebell to complete the weighted workout as per Joe in the video. That said, you could also do it with bodyweight, if you'd prefer.

How long? 15 minutes.

Got 20 minutes?

13. Ultimate Beginners workout

What? If you've never tried a HIIT workout before and want a proper induction to what a Joe Wicks workout entails, this one's a great start point. The 20 minutes will fly by as he talks you through the various exercise moves and workout breaks.

How long? 20 minutes. 

14. Full Body workout

What? Keen to work your whole body? Fear not - Joe's got you covered. This workout can be done anytime, anyplace. 

How long? 20 minutes.

15. Legs and Glutes workout

What? On the other hand, if you'd rather focus your sessions on your lower body - that is, your legs and glutes - he's also got a workout tailored to that. Get ready for squats, squats and more squats, and do have a dumbbell on hand, if you'd like to take your leg day up a level.

How long? 20 minutes. 

16. Low Impact HIIT

What? Another session designed for you to do when you're on holiday or on the move, this hotel workout is also low impact, so those of you who prefer putting less strain through your joints can get a sweat on and your heart rate up, too.

How long? 20 minutes.

17. Bench workout

What? Keen to improve your arm strength or looking for a simple gym workout? This 20-minute option from Joe promises to help you get a sweat on without fatiguing you too much.

How long? 20 minutes.

18. Fat Burner

What? While there are a whole host of factors that contribute to fat burn - from genetic factors, to the foods you eat, to the exercise you do - HIIT workouts have been scientifically found to help boost metabolism and calorie burn. The high intensity moves in this workout promise to do just that.

How long? 20 minutes.

19. Cardio & Abs

What? A workout dedicated to working out your cardiovascular fitness but abdominals, too. You've got twenty minutes on the clock - make it count.

How long? 20 minutes.

20. Savage Cardio HIIT

What? A seriously spicy cardio HIIT. Warning: this one hasn't been designed for the faint hearted.

How long? 20 minutes.

21. Pot luck workout

What? A fun take on Joe's standard HIIT sessions. What moves will you end up doing? 

How long? 20 minutes.

Got 25 minutes?

22. Longer Home HIIT

What? A longer home high intensity workout designed to boost muscle strength and tone. And... jumping jack. 

How long? 25 minutes.

23. Kettlebell HIIT

What? A weighted high intensity interval workout that might feel easy to begin with but - trust us - gets spicy over time. 

How long? 25 minutes. 

24. Pyramid workout challenge

What? Keen to mix up the norm and try something different? Enter stage right, Joe's Pyramid Challenge - one way to get your heart rate up, for sure.

How long? 25 minutes.

Got 30 minutes?

25. Home HIIT No-Equipment workout

What? A half an hour long HIIT session that doesn't require any kit (bar a good sports bra - that one's essential). 

How long? 30 minutes.

26. Home Workout with dumbbells

What? If you're a fan of home workouts, you might have invested in weights to take things up a level. This weighted HIIT workout from Joe certainly does - do make sure to focus on progressive overload to improve your fitness if you'll be doing it week on week.

How long? 30 minutes.

27. Longer Cardio and Abs workout

What? Another version of Joe's classic and much-loved cardio and abs workout, this time, 30 minutes long. Good luck with that side plank - you can do it! 

How long? 30 minutes.

28. Advanced dumbbell HIIT

What? Not one for beginners, but a great weighted workout for improving muscle tone and strength if you do have weights at home. This workout is also a great option for when travelling if you happen to have a gym in your hotel.

How long? 30 minutes.

29. Kettlebell and dumbbell HIIT

What? 30 minutes of weighted moves in a circuit format - what's not to love?

How long? 30 minutes.

30. Full body

What? Last but by no means least, this full body workout is a great option if you're looking to workout for that bit longer and want to make sure you practice moves that'll target every muscle group (well, nearly). 

How long? 30 minutes.

Do Joe Wicks workouts work?

Short answer: it'll depend on your fitness goal, start point, and dedication level. Scientific research has proven that HIIT workouts are great for fat burning and getting your heart rate up, fast, making them a great option if you are looking to lose fat.

You need only scroll his Instagram where clients showcase amazing transformations to see the evidence. That said, fat loss is about diet and genetics, too, so don't feel disheartened if you don't see progress as quickly as you'd like. Instead, try and reframe it: how do you feel since you've been working out? You'll likely feel mentally a lot better.

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