Fertility tests give ‘false reassurance’

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  • Don't rely on high street tests to delay motherhood, experts warn

    Women should not rely on high street fertility tests as a guarantee of how late they can leave motherhood, experts have warned.

    The £170 tests give an indication of how many eggs a woman has left, but they reveal nothing about quality, warned Dr Todd Deutch, managing director of the Advanced Fertility Centre of Chicago.

    They also give no indication of other factors that can inhibit conception such as blocked fallopian tubes.

    The tests work by measuring levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). This increases as the number of eggs falls.

    These tests are also routinely given to women over 35 seeking IVF, to assess their chances of success. Dr Deutch said they were useful in this capacity, but that women buying tests over the counter to assess how many years of fertility they have left should be very cautious.

    His views were echoed by Stuart Laverty. consultant gynaecologist in the IVF unit of Hammersmith Hospital, reports the Mail.

    ‘The concern with over-the-counter tests is that although they are helpful because they focus the mind on fertility, they can also give people false reassurance,’ he said.


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