Depressed? Don’t worry, it’s good for you

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  • Depression is good for your health

    Sadness, the blues, depression – whatever you call it, apparently it’s good for your health.

    According to new research, a bout of sadness helps us to summon the motivation to improve our lives.

    Scientists warn that medicating for depression as if it were a disease removes our drive to change for the better.

    Feeling low can help people be stronger, more resilient and better able to cope with life’s challenges, which in turn leads to greater achievements.

    A growing number of mental health experts are now warning against doctors and drug companies that encourage people to pop pills in order to handle depression.

    Psychiatrist Professor Jerome Wakefield told the New Scientist, ‘When you find something this deeply in us biologically you presume it was selected because it had some advantage – otherwise we wouldn’t have been burdened with it. We’re fooling around with part of our biological make-up.’

    Professor Wakefield also believes that sadness can help us learn from our mistakes.

    He said: ‘I think one of the functions of intense negative emotions is to stop our normal functioning – to make us focus on something else for a while.’

    The risk of feeling sad can also prevent us from being too blasé in relationships or with other things we value.

    Plus, it’s a good excuse for a duvet day!


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