Cosmetic surgery abroad endangering lives

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  • Cosmetic 'safari surgery' trips abroad endangering lives

    People who travel abroad to have plastic surgery at cheaper prices are risking their lives, warn surgeons.

    Dubbed ‘safari surgery‘ trips, the president elect of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), Nigel Mercer, said they would be responsible for at least one death ‘soon’.

    Aside from the threat of death, the growing popularity of combining holidays with budget surgery is also leaving patients with botch jobs, which have to be rectified with further surgery when they return home.

    Speaking at the organisation’s annual conference in Chester, Mr Mercer revealed he had been required to perform corrective surgery on one patient who had paid £650, including flights and accommodation, for a boob job in Thailand.

    A recent survey showed that 70% of Brits would consider going abroad for a cheap nip and tuck, instead of forking out more money in the UK.

    Eastern Europe and the Far East are fast becoming popular destinations for low-cost surgery. Mr Mercer described one patient who had a ‘disastrous’ facelift in a developing country, where the skin was pulled so tight there was no way of reversing the operation.

    BAAPS also launched a campaign against reckless cosmetic surgery advertising where digitally enhanced models are used on posters and patients are offered financial incentives for surgery. The medical association maintained it was criticising the advertising for procedures, however, and not cosmetic surgery itself.

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