Calorie crackdown in NYC

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  • New York restaurants forced to display calorie info on all products

    Restaurants in New York, including McDonald’s and Starbucks, are to be forced to print calorie information on all their products.

    In a crackdown on over-consumption, any chain with 15 or more outlets will be asked to display the calorie content of all their products on the store menu.

    The city authorities claim the move will prevent 130,000 New Yorkers from becoming obese over the next five years, and 30,000 from developing diabetes.

    However, not everyone thinks the idea is a good one: last week, the New York State Restaurant Association, which represents many city chains, tried to get the ruling tossed out in court, arguing that it goes against the first amendment, which prevents government messages being forced upon businesses.

    They’re not the only ones who aren’t happy. Customers queuing at one branch of Starbucks were in shock at discovering their favourite venti Java chip frappucino was coming in at a waist-busting 600 calories.

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