Avocados could prevent mouth cancer

Avocados found to have mouth cancer-preventing properties

Avocados have been found to contain properties that could prevent mouth cancer, new research suggests.

In a study to be published in Seminars in Cancer Biology, researchers found that Hass avocados – readily available in British supermarkets – inhibit the growth of mouth cancer cells, and even kill pre-cancerous cells, leaving normal cells untouched.

The healing ingredient? Phytochemicals. Avocados contain high levels of these chemical compounds, often found in dark-coloured fruit or veg. And, although they’re famed for their cancer-fighting properties, this is the first study relating phytochemicals in avocados to mouth cancer.

Lead researcher Dr Steven D’Ambrosio, of Ohio State University, tells The Times: ‘We think these phytochemicals either stop the growth of pre-cancerous cells in the body or they kill the pre-cancerous cells without affecting normal cells.’

Looks like it’s time to become an avocado aficionado – this superfood also contains antioxidants such as vitamin C, folate, vitamin E, fibre and unsaturated fats that all slow the onset of cancer.

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