About the event

About the event

Calling all health and fitness-loving readers. Come and join us for our amazing boutique health, fitness and well-being event at The Hoxton, Holborn in London.

Saturday 8th October The Hoxton, Holborn, London WC1

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About the event

Join us for our exclusive boutique health, fitness and well-being event at The Hoxton, Holborn in London.

Your ticket includes:

  • Expert Talks
    Hear from our hand-picked group of fitness, wellbeing and nutrition gurus on how to get your mind and body into shape
  • London’s best fitness classes
    Try out the best in yoga, studio cycling and the brightest group exercise classes
  • Treatment Area
    Enjoy a pre or post-workout refresh of your hair, nails or skin
  • Delicious refreshments
    Healthy brunch or afternoon grazing in the beautiful Hoxton, Holborn
  • Goody bag
    Bursting with your favourite brands and worth over £100
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A dazzling array of must-see
high profile speakers

  • AJ Odudu
    (TV Presenter, Fitness Instructor, Nutritionist and Social Media Influencer)
    TV Presenter, Fitness Instructor, Nutritionist and Social Media Influencer


    Described as “the voice of Vera Duckworth with the looks of Naomi Campbell”, TV presenter qualified fitness instructor and nutritionist and social media influencer, AJ Odudu was born and raised in Blackburn to Nigerian parents. As one of 8 siblings anmad an English and Politics University graduate, AJ is well accustomed to articulately making herself heard which lends well to her forceful and incredibly humorous presence on screen.

    In addition to her accomplished live television presenting, AJ has proven to be a highly popular presence on social media with her fitness and lifestyle blogs, in particular her YouTube channel where she exhibits a vast range of hilarious, informative and inspiring fashion and fitness videos which have amassed hundreds of thousands of views to date. Her broad following and individual style quickly caught the eye of major brands such as Adidas, New Balance, Nike and ASOS where she continues to enjoy engaging campaigns together. She has also hosted her own health events in collaboration with Juicy Couture Sport and Les Mills in association with Reebok.


  • Natasha Corrett
    (Founder, Honestly Healthy)
    Founder, Honestly Healthy

    Natasha Corrett

    Natasha Corrett is one of the UK’s top vegetarian chefs, renowned for making healthy food that looks and tastes amazing.

    Having been introduced to the business by her father in the kitchens of Le Boudin Blanc, Natasha’s passion for cooking started at an early age. Later in life she battled with yo-yo dieting and found herself feeling tired, unwell and with digestion issues. A severe back injury in 2010 then led Natasha to discover the alkaline way of living that changed her life and motivated her to inspire others.

    That year, Honestly Healthy was born in Natasha’s own kitchen, where she cooked alkaline meals and delivered them to offices and homes around London. As the company grew, she was invited to Selfridges to launch the brand. Thousands have now followed her lead, including celebrity fans Victoria Beckham, Robbie Williams, Lily Allen, Fearne Cotton, Millie Mackintosh and Jessie Ware.

    Natasha runs interactive online cooking classes and consults for hotels worldwide. Her fourth cookbook, Honestly Healthy in a Hurry, launched in May. She launched the Honestly Healthy TukTuk this year and will be going on tour to visit and teach people how to eat healthy at all times. Most recently, Natasha launched the Honestly Healthy Market Place to help support small business owners who share the same ethos.


  • Anya Lahiri
    (Master Trainer at Barry's Bootcamp London and Nike Elite NTC Trainer)
    Founder, Heartcore

    Anya Lahiri is a master trainer at Barry's Bootcamp London, a boutique fitness class that fuses HIIT and resistance training. She fell love with the fitness concept over 10 years ago while working as an actress in the states and decided that she was so passionate about it that she'd embark on a career there.  

    Anya earned her stripes teaching at the LA locations of Barry's before moving back to her hometown to help launch the brand in the UK three and a half years ago. She currently teaches at both Barry's locations and is also in charge of training up the next crop of Barry's superstars.

      Anya is also a Nike Elite NTC trainer and regularly contributes to health and fitness press features.  She is a regular staple at many events having led class at Nike Unimited you, Be:Fit and the recent stand up to cancer event on the London eye.

    Twitter: @anyalahiri 

    Instagram: @anyalahiri 

  • Ruth Anderson
    (Lead Psychologist with British Cycling and Director of MiND HQ )
    Lead Psychologist with British Cycling and Director of MiND HQ

    Ruth Anderson

    Ruth Anderson is the Director of MiND HQ, an innovative sport psychology company on a mission to empower the champion within. MiND HQ delivers psychological services to equip athletes, teams, and companies to excel.

    She is a sport psychologist with unique experience working at the highest levels of elite sport in both Australia and the United Kingdom. Currently working as the Lead Psychologist for the British Cycling Team, Ruth is preparing the team for success in Rio. Ruth previously held positions with the Australian Institute of Sport, Tennis Australia, and the Australian Olympic Team as the Head of Psychology Services for the Olympic Games in Beijing and London.

    Ruth came to the sports industry from management positions in the mental health sector, providing the clinical expertise to develop the skills to perform, alongside the ability thrive under pressure, on and off the sporting field. Ruth has a Master Degree in Sport Psychology and is undertaking her PhD investigating peak performance. Published across a range of areas, Ruth has researched psychological recovery, pain, grief and loss, and the optimal psychological state for performance.



  • Jody Shield
    (Inspirational Speaker, Meditation Guide, Writer and Intuitive Therapist)
    Inspirational Speaker, Meditation Guide, Writer and Intuitive Therapist

    Jody Shield

    Jody Shield is fast becoming a name reverently whispered amongst London’s high fliers as the go-to healer to solve all our modern woes – one stressed-out, lost and pained Londoner at a time. She supports people to process the past, be more present and create a life they love.

    Straightforward, contemporary and aware of the everyday issues we all face, her 10 years experience as a Business Director in advertising means she understands first-hand the stress epidemic that plagues the corporate world, and the growing addiction to busy.

    As an inspirational speaker and self-development expert, Jody’s clients include Nike, Lululemon, Bupa, Livenation, Stella McCartney, Clarins, Swarovski, and a selection of creative and media agencies across London. and has residencies across London for Soho House group, Frame and Fremantle Media (X Factor).Her motivational style is infused with her infectious enthusiasm and uplifting energy.

    In 2013, Jody founded #TheSundaySessions, a monthly Shoreditch-based group emotional healing session, accessible to the healthy hipsters preferring a super natural high and instant pick-me-up to an all-nighter. In 2015, the #LifeTonic brand was born, offering life-changing events and experiences all across the Globe.

    Jody believes in the power of holistic healing and uses pioneering techniques, life-changing coaching and insight. She maintains a thriving and successful global practice running self-help workshops and working privately with musicians, artists, models, lawyers, brokers and entrepreneurs teaching tools to release stress, limiting beliefs, fears and symptoms. Typical topics include anxiety, depression, relationships, money, eating disorders/addictions, mindfulness as well as general health, pain or simply feeling directionless. 

    Jody’s first book: LifeTonic – a modern toolbox to heal your life and soothe your soul is out April 2017 and published by Yellow Kite.

    Pre-order here: http://amzn.to/294pc1f


    Twitter: @jodyshield

    Instagram: @jodyshieldcouk


  • Madeleine Shaw
    (nutritional health coach, yoga instructor, best selling cookery writer & creator of the Glow Guides App)
    Nutritional health coach, yoga instructor, best selling cookery writer & creator of the Glow Guides App

    nutritional health coach, yoga instructor, best selling cookery writer & creator of the Glow Guides App

    Madeleine Shaw is a nutritional health coach, qualified yoga instructor, best selling cookery writer & creator of the Glow Guides App. Her philosophy is simple: ditch the junk and eat your way to a healthy lifestyle that is both sustainable and delicious. She cooks with wholefoods, meat, fish and plenty of flavour – and is a strong advocate for focusing on the good stuff, rather than beating yourself up about the bad.

    Through her website, YouTube Channel (combined subscribers: 85k) and Instagram following (250k) Madeleine aims to show people how healthy eating can be delicious, affordable and sustainable. She hosts monthly supper clubs and regularly talks at wellness events and literary festivals.

    Madeleine’s first book, ‘Get the Glow’, was published by Orion Books in April 2015. It went straight to number two in the Sunday Times’ Bestsellers’ List and has sold just over 90,000 copies to date. Her second book, ‘Ready, Steady, Glow’ was published on 7th April (Orion Books, £20) and is currently sitting at No. 3 in the charts. Madeleine’s ‘Ready Steady Glow’ range is also available at Harrods Food Hall. She is Origins’ official “Glow Girl” for 2016, is the host of Endemol’s health food channel, ‘Wild Dish’, and their beauty channel, ‘Pretty Upfront’, and has her own menu at Brown’s Hotel.

    Twitter: @Madeleine_Shaw_

    Instagram: @Madeleine_Shaw_

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Your health and wellbeing is unique and individual so we want you build your own personal programme with mind and body work outs that suits your own personal passions. Simply decide whether you would like to join us for the morning or afternoon, choose your favourite speaker session and combine it with your preferred fitness class. You can then spend the rest of your time with us relaxing, recharging and indulging in our sumptuous treatment and refreshment area.

  • 9.45-10.30am Mind fit

    We work hard keeping our bodies fit and healthy but how much attention do you pay your psychological fitness? Ruth Anderson, Lead Psychologist with British Cycling and Director of MiND HQ shares her expertise on how to effectively manage your thoughts and emotions so you can thrive under pressure. This workshop will present practical strategies used by elite athletes to stay mentally fit and give you the opportunity to develop your own plan to assist you to perform at your best in work and life/

  • 11.15-12.00pm Fit, fun and fabulous sponsored by Misfit

    Like most of us, AJ Odudu doesn’t like just one thing, she likes lots of things. She wants to do it all and to do it well. A qualified personal trainer, sports nutritionist and self-confessed class-hopping enthusiast, AJ has a huge passion for health and fitness and believes they play a significant role in enriching and enhancing the other elements of her life. AJ shares hints and tips on how to successfully fuse the worlds of work and wellbeing while having fun and looking fabulous along the way.

  • 12.30-1.15pm Honestly Healthy – Natalie Lukaitis in conversation with Natasha Corrett

    Balance and moderation is key to being successful in anything and being prepared is the best way to save money, reduce food waste and have more time to do what you love to do. Natalie Lukaitis talks to esteemed nutritionist and founder of Honestly Healthy, Natasha Corrett about the importance of eating and cooking from scratch and knowing what's in your food.
    Natasha will share her top tips on how to create healthy food on a budget quickly and on how to cook safely for a prep night so your food stays fresh and healthy for the week ahead.


  • 2.00-2.45pm Natalie Lukaitis in conversation with Madeleine Shaw

    Marie Claire’s digital beauty editor talks to nutritional health coach and best-selling cookery writer and author, Madeleine Shaw, about her philosophy on how eating your way to a healthy lifestyle enlivens the hottest, happiest and healthiest you.

    As well as getting practical advice on making healthy food that is delicious, nutritious, affordable and simple, Natalie will explore Madeleine’s key motivators and the backstory which drove her to make the shift from a cycle of depriving and binging to her passion for wholefoods, sustainability and the importance of truly nourishing your body.

    Join us for what promises to be an informative and inspirational discussion and pick up some top tips so that you too can fall back in love with food life and most importantly yourself.

  • 3.15:4:00pm Enjoy the journey - Natalie Lukaitis in conversation with Anya Lahiri

    As a successful personal trainer and co-founder of the popular Barry's Bootcamp, Anya Lahiri is undeniably passionate about physical fitness – but she is just as energised about the mental wellbeing it brings. Natalie talks to Anya about the importance of personal fitness for a happy and fulfilled life and asks her about her stance on how being happy in your own skin should be the ultimate aim above and beyond a 'perfect' body shape. Anya will share tips on how, through exercising to balance your inner self, you are paving the way for increased motivation, mental clarity, improved relationship with yourself leading to a general sense of pride and achievement – killer abs are of course an added bonus.

  • 4:30-5:15pm Staying zen while spinning many plates

    Stress is an epidemic. We’re addicted to busy. We’re overwhelmed with multitasking, saturated with content and exhausted from over-exposure. This isn’t going to change, or slow down. What can change however, is how we react to our crazy world. You may be juggling a hectic work schedule, managing a busy home life or navigating key life transitions but, whatever your 'busy' looks like, Jody Shield, meditation guide and intuitive therapist will teach 5 unique tools that will enable you to keep calm and focussed and be the best you can be in light of, not in spite, of all those spinning plates.

  • Fitness sessions available

  • BOOM Cycle It’s all about the bike, beats, BOOM!! With the lights down low and candles ignited,the room is transported into a party atmosphere with a world class sound system to rock your socks like it’s the weekend all week long. We use the use of motivational speech to get the class moving to the beat of the music using an exclusive BOOM Cycle format which creates a fun HIIT workout that works your whole body from head to toe. Each class is said to burn between 400-700 calories.

  • Pound Is a full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and Isometric poses into a 45-minute series. Strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles, and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique – all while rocking out to your favourite music!

  • Yin Yoga This is a quiet, slow and meditative practice. Postures are practiced close to the mat, holding for three minutes or more. Yin is a good contrast to the hectic lives many of us lead. The purpose is to relax the body and open the mind, promoting calmness, wellbeing and mental clarity. Open to all, no prior experience needed.

  • Hot Vinyasa A hot yoga class, incorporating flowing, vinyasa style sequencing. Vinyasa yoga develops strength, flexibility, and balance. Includes elements specific to the class and teacher. “Vinyasa” means synchronised breath with movement – which relaxes the mind and helps release energy blockages. The addition of the heat will rid your body of toxins and make you sweat! Suitable for all levels

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga A smooth vinyasa flow yoga class designed for all levels, incorporating elements of Pilates to tone and lengthen, to leave you feeling relaxed and re-energised.

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  • Misfit
  • Aromatherapy Associates
  • BOOM Cycle
  • GymBox
  • Hoxton Hotels
  • Yotopia
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On the day

Work Lab

Transform your post-workout look with a visit to the Duck & Dry area for a blow dry or hair braiding.

Marie Claire bag

Pick up your amazing goody bag worth over £100, packed with some of our favourite beauty products and healthy treats.

Glass of Fizz

Indulge yourself with The Hoxton’s healthy food offering – low carb, high protein snacks and delicious smoothies.

Aromatherapy Associates

You’ll be treated to a luxury hand massage using Aromatherapy Associate products.

Marie Claire bag

Give your nails a treat with a complimentary manicure from Nails Inc.

Glass of Fizz

Reveal beautiful, healthy skin in just 15 minutes with an Express Facial. Also experience a high-tech YouthCam skin analysis to reveal the secrets hidden under your skin and take away personalised samples.

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Booking your place

Saturday 8th October

Tickets cost £45 each and include a fitness class, talk, refreshments and a goody bag worth over £100. Tickets can be purchased for either morning or afternoon.


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