Women blamed for husbands straying

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  • Women should 'give nookie on demand' to avoid husbands straying, says author

    An author has claimed that women are to blame if their husbands stray.

    The counsellor turned author, Gary Neuman, is likely to incur the wrath of every wife whose husband has cheated, saying that women should make certain changes in themselves, to avoid their partner’s eyes from wandering.

    Psychotherapist Neuman
    has written a guide for women advising them to always forgive their other halves, ensure sex is on tap and take an interest in their partner’s hobbies.

    His book, entitled Advice in The Truth About Cheating: Why Men Stray and What You Can Do to Prevent It, has seen Neuman appear on Oprah Winfrey’s show as well as in Time magazine. Neuman claims his relationship advice manual is ‘dedicated to helping wives’.

    Not surprisingly the book has been received badly by plenty of women across the globe.

    ‘This is an appalling book,’ said relationship psychologist and author, Susan Quilliam. ‘It’s more like dog-training than being in an honest, successful, adult relationship.’

    Meanwhile Dorothy Ramsay, chairman of the Association for Family Therapy dubbed the book something of a joke. ‘It depends whether you see marriage as so worthwhile that it’s worth sacrificing one human being to sustain it.’

    Mr Neuman’s response is that he is simply trying to give women some useful advice. The book is based on his questioning of 25,500 men who have either remained faithful to their partners or strayed.

    He found that nearly 90% of those who cheated put it down to ‘significant dissatisfaction’ in their marriage.

    Mr Neuman said frankly: ‘Men will eventually find their way into the arms of another if they are not getting enough sex at home.’

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