The latest bug-fighting superfood

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  • Chlorella algae can seriously improve health, say scientists

    New research from Japan suggests that the oriental algae, chlorella could help fight major lifestyle diseases, such as depression, obesity and heart disease, as well as boosting the body’s immune system.

    The green algae grows in freshwater ponds in Asia and Australia. It is packed with protein – twice as much as spinach – as well as vitamins and minerals, and contains nine essential amino acids.

    Scientists in the US have also spoken out in support of the algae. Professors at the Carnegie Institute in Washington claim that chlorella has been proved to be almost a dream food.

    The algae, which has been available in the UK in tablet form since 2006, is already used in the UK to help cancer patients

    Nadia Brydon is a senior therapist in complementary medicine at Breast Cancer Haven, the charity that supplies integrated health care to support women with breast cancer. Nadia supports incorporating chlorella into our Western diets. ‘We are bombarded with chemicals in pesticides and fungicides; chlorella helps to get them out of the body. It is a fantastic detoxifier and deodorant,’ she told the Telegraph.

    The latest findings look set to establish chlorella as a mainstream health supplement staple.


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