What is Sex, Love & goop? 10 need-to-knows about Gwyneth Paltrow's new sex series

Including a vulva puppet and a Wolverine claw sex toy, naturally.

Sex, Love and goop: Gwyneth Paltrow at the premier
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Including a vulva puppet and a Wolverine claw sex toy, naturally.

Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow has long been known for her wellness platform, goop, and its occasionally, ahem, out there suggestions (yoni ball, anyone?).

Next up from the entrepreneur comes Sex, Love & goop, her new six-part Netflix series.

Following the stories of five couples, you'll see them try all sorts of weird and wonderful sex positions, tricks and techniques to up both the intimacy and connection in their relationship, at the hands of a wide variety of sex and wellness experts.

Paltrow herself appears in the series, even admitting to one couple, who discuss lack of intimacy because of their own body image issues, that she has her own, sharing: “I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman that feels completely great about her body, and that’s a real shame."

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Sex, Love & goop: 10 need-to-knows

1. It's aimed at boosting couple's love lives

As above, five couples appear on the show with one united goal: to learn how to be intimate with one another again.

Paltrow, 49, has explained that she wanted to “show up for vulnerability” in the show, highlighting and sharing her own sexual experiences and journey.

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2. It's unscripted

Yep, you read that right. The couples were left with experts and rolling cameras, with no script, just the hope of capturing genuine reactions and emotions.

3. It's very goop

And by that we mean, it's all about sexual wellbeing.

Similarly to Holly Willoughby's new wellness platform Wylde Moon, goops aim is simple: to promote overall health and wellbeing, but further, to encourage curiosity and “eliminate the shame around female sexuality," too.

Paltrow says there’s no better way to break down sex stigma than by talking about it more - hence Sex, Love & goop.

4. It breaks down sexual stigma

And discourages sexual taboo, too.

“Female pleasure is still considered a taboo," shares Paltrow. "I think that if you look back throughout history and you understand how controlling women’s pleasure or lack thereof or, you know... separating pleasure from morality, it’s a way to make women not feel fully themselves."

Alongside the team of experts on the programme, Paltrow's aim is to break down any shame or stigma the couples may be feeling around sex and their sexual fantasies. Got that?

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5. And encourages expert-led, open conversations

The show’s experts range from a sexological bodyworker, to a tantra and sacred intimacy coach, to an erotic wellness coach - so it's fair to say the couples are in good hands, and you could likely learn a lot from watching it, too.

6. Most of the couples are volunteers

Fun fact: all of the couples who appear on the show actually volunteered to be there, as a means of spicing up their love lives.

They all hoped to work through issues ranging from loss of libido, different desire levels, and feeling like they'd lost their 'spark'.

7. It's no holds barred

Literally - expect all the vibrators, best lube, jiggle balls, and more.

Michaela Boehm, an intimacy expert on the series, hopes that it'll encourage more couples to be sexually explorative from home: “You are doing it in the privacy of your bedroom or your living room, where you are watching. There’s no stigma attached, and you are not having to expose yourself. You get to inch into the water, so to speak, one little toe at a time."

"Seeing it and being presented with it as something that happens, that in itself takes so much pressure off and that opens a door and creates a belief that then can lead to a deeper relationship.”

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8. It covers a lot of intimacy issues

Apparently both Boehm and Paltrow have openly discussed how humbled they were by the courage all five couples displayed. Think about it - exposing your intimacy issues for a huge TV audience can't be easy.

“It requires a certain amount of bravery to submit yourself for something like that,” said Paltrow. “A lot of those couples really have almost that like, movie star thing that you just care and you want to watch them.”

9. It features a Wolverine claw sex toy

It wouldn't be a Paltrow product without something a little out there.

Keep your eyes peeled for sex toys, a Vulva puppet, and accessories spanning blindfolds, paddles and a metal “Wolverine claw." Yep.

10. It's unconventional but interesting

Sure, many may not agree with the products goop sells, but one things for sure: Paltrow is certainly encouraging everyone to explore more sexually with her new series.

Sadly, sex education still isn't top of the agenda and much more needs to be done - in the UK, at least - to make sure expert-led, forward-thinking sexual health experts are in place early enough to dispel misinformation and myths. Too many of us still turn to unethical porn and word-of-mouth when it comes to sex advice, which shouldn't have to be the case.

For all the slightly alternative approaches to healing all five couple's sexual trauma - the scene with the family constellations counsellor springs to mind - Sex, Love & goop provides a refreshing and eye-opening insight into how key communication is for a healthier sex life.

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