Best vibrators to buy now: 12 that’ll take your self love up a notch

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    Fun fact: finding the best vibrator really needn’t be rocket science. You’ve just got to work out what turns you on, and then find the device that does just that.

    See? Simple. Only, well, it’s not. With over 747,000,000 results on Google, finding those products that do it for you that aren’t difficult to use or cost half your monthly pay check can seem overwhelming.

    Lucky for you, we’ve done the leg work for you. Masturbation is actually good for you, with research by doctor Nan Wise finding that self love helps both your physical and mental health. “My research involved having participants masturbate to orgasm in an fMRI scanner to document how the brain responds to genital stimulation leading up to and culminating in the Big O. We found that when you experience sexual pleasure, many areas of the brain receive more oxygen,” she told Glamour.

    Which is important, why? Well, because “sufficient oxygen is absolutely critical to healthy brain function, so the widespread increase in blood flow to the brain makes orgasm a great workout for nearly your whole brain,” she explains. Plus, when you orgasm, your body releases a whole load of hormones and substances that act as natural painkillers, stress easers and mood boosters. Neat.

    Invest in a vibrator, and you’re pretty much guaranteeing both moments of bliss and a boost to your overall wellbeing, too. Sound good? Yeah, we thought it might.

    You’ve scrolled the best sex toys, sex toys for couples, and eco friendly sex toys. Heck, given how long this lockdown’s gone on for, you’ve likely read our guide to the best quiet sex toys, too. Next up, our pick of the best vibrators for you, from your standard bullet, to rabbits, pebbles, wands and much, much more.

    12 best vibrators to *add to basket* now

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