Everything you need to know about jiggle balls

If you've seen Fifty Shades Darker, you know what we're talking about...

Have you heard of jiggle balls? Probably, and you have E. L. James to thank for that.

The exploits of Ana Steele and Christian Grey – her dominant, bondage-loving, on-and-off-again squillionaire boyfriend – in Fifty Shades of Grey brought ‘jiggle balls’ to the masses, so we asked Sophie Morgan, author of Diary of a Submissive, to try out one of the most-talked about sex toys of the moment – jiggle balls.

And yes, if you’ve seen the film, Fifty Shades Darkerthen you know the scene we’re on about. But what else do you need to know?

Jiggle balls

What are jiggle balls?

‘The four beads that make up jiggle balls come in two different weights. You can either wear one alone or connect two together with a silicone string. They’re sturdy and surprisingly heavy, ranging in weight between 28g and 37g – and the movement as I rolled one on my hand was oddly reminiscent of an executive stress toy. Thankfully it felt different once I was wearing it.

I started slowly with the lighter 36mm set. Putting them in was straightforward, although it took a while walking round my flat before I felt ready to go out, partly because I was paranoid there was an audible thudding sound of the weights shifting within the balls as I moved and partly because I wanted to ensure I wasn’t walking like either a cowboy or a duck. In the end I felt reassured on both counts and headed out tentatively to meet a friend a short train ride away for coffee.

How to use jiggle balls?

Wearing them was surprisingly fun. The first thing to note is that while they cause a lovely flutter of sensation it’s not so intense you’re going to be doing a Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally in the queue for a cappuccino. Where they move around it stimulates your g-spot and apparently over time will help with improving muscle tone for your pelvic floor muscles, making for more intense orgasms.

Obviously I can’t confirm that after a few hours’ use, but what I found interesting about wearing them out was how at points (mostly when I was sat at my laptop, or with my friend) I completely forgot I was wearing them at all, but at other points they were a noticeable diversion – on the train, and while I was trying to concentrate on an important phone call for work about a feature I’m doing.

They did make me feel more sexually aware, although I’d hesitate to say aroused – a delayed commute in the heat just doesn’t do it for me. In the right mindset though that could change – and one thing I’ve realised is they needn’t be for solo shenanigans.

Jiggle Balls

My boyfriend was definitely intrigued about me using them and sent a few texts while I was out asking how I was enjoying them. I have no exhibitionist tendencies whatsoever, but the idea of telling him I’m wearing them while we’re out and then having the anticipation build between us until we get home is something I’d like to try. In fact we’re off to the cinema at the weekend, so I might surprise him then. Perhaps Ana and Christian were onto something…’

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