Jiggle balls are the latest sex toy trend: Here's everything you need to know

Aka, the perfect way to take your sex to the next level, according to Fifty Shades Darker...

Jiggle balls

Ever heard of jiggle balls? You have E. L. James to thank for that.

The exploits of Ana Steele and Christian Grey – her dominant, bondage-loving, on-and-off-again squillionaire boyfriend - in Fifty Shades of Grey brought 'jiggle balls' to the masses, and they've since become one of the best sex toys many women report to having in their arsenal.

Which is why we asked Sophie Morgan, author of Diary of a Submissive, to see what all the fuss is about.

We bought you tips on cleaning your sex toys, working out the best sex positions for you, and even how to masturbate. (Not to mention editor-approved edits of the best lubes and eco-friendly sex toys). Next up? We've written your complete guide to jiggle balls.

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If you've seen the film Fifty Shades Darkerthen you know the scene we're on about already. But if you haven't... you're in for a treat. Keep reading.

Jiggle balls: your guide

If you've Googled, what are jiggle balls?, chances are you've heard they're one of the best sex toys and are keen to try. In short, small, round weights designed to strength train your pelvic floor and the muscles of the vagina. Although they classify as a sex toy, they're slightly different to the others on the market as, although they'll enhance your orgasms in the long run, they're ultimately designed to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

This, in turn, is said to intensify your orgasms.

Also referred too as kegel balls, toner balls and pleasure balls sometimes, they're a simple and subtle way to tighten your vagina and make sex that bit more enjoyable.

How to use jiggle balls

Simple, really—buy online or in-store, pop up your vagina, and go about your daily business. Yes, really. Whilst inserting jiggle balls into your vagina may feel funny at first—did we mention that, as per the name, they jiggle?–but you soon get used to it.

The logic behind using jiggle balls? Encouraging you to more actively use the clenching motions so essential to strengthening your pelvic floor without having to constantly think about it (your body instinctively holds the weights in for you without you having to consciously think about it).

Stronger muscles mean stronger sensations down there, and using the balls just prior to sex has been found to increase not just sexual stimulation, but blood circulation and vaginal lubrication, too. Winner, winner.

Expert at iPlaySafe and co-founder of Feed Me Female Hope Flynn agrees, adding: "Jiggle balls can be a major turn-on. It’s not even to do with the fact that the weighted balls strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which leads to enhanced orgasm - it’s more knowing that they are inside you and no one else knows that they are there."

That's right - the balls get their nickname from the fact that they "jiggle" once inside the body. Some come with controls which you can use to choose a level of movement that's right for you.

3 best jiggle balls to buy, according to the experts

LELO Luna Noir Kegel Orgasm balls, £22.05 | Amazon

LELO Luna Noir Kegel Orgasm balls, £22.05 | Amazon
Top pick from Katie Lasson, sexologist and relationship advisor at Birkbeck University.
- Feel amazing when you use them - Help strengthen the pelvic floor muscle - Provide a gentle vibration inside the vagina.
Best for: those who've had children (they help to tighten the vagina.).

Satisfier Weighted Heavy Double Training Orgasm Balls, £16.37 | Amazon

Satisfier Weighted Heavy Double Training Orgasm Balls, £16.37 | Amazon
Second pick from Katie Lasson, sexologist and relationship advisor at Birkbeck University.
- Can use more than one for a heavier sensation - Comes as a set of three - Easy to get out thanks to simple-to-use handles
Best for: More advanced users.

LELO Beads Plus, £72.64 | Amazon

LELO Beads Plus, £72.64 | Amazon
Top pick from expert at iPlaySafe and co-founder of Feed Me Female Hope Flynn.
- Come with different weighted sizes, easy for climax training - Made from body-safe and FDA-approved materials - Offer more excitement than pleasure but still "extremely thrilling."
Best for: Training yourself with a range of weights.

What do jiggle balls do?

As above, strengthening your pelvic floor helps in the sex department, but the benefits don't stop there. Experts have found that having a strong pelvic floor is essential for maintaining continence, alleviating symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse, and even reducing lower back pain.

In short, it's a really important group of muscles that shouldn't be ignored.

I tried using jiggle balls... here's what I thought.

Keen to read how Sophie Morgan, author of Diary of a Submissive, got on? You're in luck.

"The four beads that make up jiggle balls come in two different weights. You can either wear one alone or connect two together with a silicone string. They’re sturdy and surprisingly heavy, ranging in weight between 28g and 37g – and the movement as I rolled one on my hand was oddly reminiscent of an executive stress toy. Thankfully, it felt different once I was wearing it."

"I started slowly with the lighter 36mm set. Putting them in was straightforward, although it took a while walking around my flat before I felt ready to go out, partly because I was paranoid there was an audible thudding sound of the weights shifting within the balls as I moved and partly because I wanted to ensure I wasn’t walking like either a cowboy or a duck."

"In the end, I felt reassured on both counts and headed out tentatively to meet a friend a short train ride away for coffee."

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What is wearing jiggle balls like?

"Wearing them was surprisingly fun. The first thing to note is that, while they cause a lovely flutter of sensation, it’s not so intense you’re going to be doing a Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally in the queue for a cappuccino."

"Where they move around, it stimulates your g-spot and apparently, over time, will help with improving muscle tone for your pelvic floor muscles, making for more intense orgasms."

Do jiggle balls work for strengthening your pelvic floor?

"Obviously I can’t confirm that after a few hours’ use, but what I found interesting about wearing them out was how at points (mostly when I was sitting at my laptop, or with my friend) I completely forgot I was wearing them at all, but at other points, they were a noticeable diversion - on the train, and while I was trying to concentrate on an important phone call for work about a feature I’m doing."

"They did make me feel more sexually aware, although I’d hesitate to say aroused – a delayed commute in the heat just doesn’t do it for me. In the right mindset though that could change – and one thing I’ve realised is they needn’t be for solo shenanigans."

"My boyfriend was definitely intrigued about me using them and sent a few texts while I was out asking how I was enjoying them. I have no exhibitionist tendencies whatsoever, but the idea of telling him I’m wearing them while we’re out and then having the anticipation build between us until we get home is something I’d like to try."

"In fact, we’re off to the cinema at the weekend, so I might surprise him then. Perhaps Ana and Christian were onto something..."